NetSupport Assist delivers the features you would expect from a focused classroom management solution, from monitoring student screens to delivering real-time screen presentations.

With NetSupport Assist, teachers can improve the efficiency of classroom teaching by centrally instructing students from their computer. From registering attendance at the start, monitoring activity during and logging off machines at the end of the lesson, NetSupport Assist allows teachers to focus their time and attention on their students, rather than on managing the software.

File TransferTransfer Files to Students
Transfer files between a Tutor and a Student workstation, using advanced 'Drag and Drop’ technology.


Send and Collect WorkSend and Collect Work Files
Prepare files for Students to work on and automatically distribute them as the lesson begins. Once Students have completed the work, you can automatically retrieve it.


Power ManagementPower Management
Power on Student machines at the start of a class and remotely shut down machines at the end in order to conserve energy.


View Student ActivityView Student Activity
Monitor the entire class or selected students with high quality scalable thumbnails of each desktop. Zoom to focus on individuals or click for full 1:1 remote control.


Powerful Remote ControlPowerful Remote Control
Take control of the screen, keyboard and mouse of each or any student workstation where teacher assistance is required.


Real-Time InstructionReal-Time Instruction
Deliver engaging presentations by showing the teacher's screen to each student desktop.


Control Internet UseControl Internet Use
NetSupport Assist allows teachers to instantly see which sites students are visiting and, if needed, take remedial action to block access.


Monitor Open ApplicationsMonitor Open Applications
Centrally monitor the applications in use on each and every student machine in real time to ensure the class is always focused on the task in hand.


Instant SurveysInstant Surveys
Ensure students have understood the content covered during the lesson by polling them for instant feedback, collating and displaying results instantly.


Group ChatGroup Chat
Share ideas and encourage classroom collaboration by conducting on-screen discussions that include the entire class or just selected students.


Send MessagesSend Messages
An effective way to communicate lesson information with all or selected students. The message takes screen focus on the student's desktop.


Reduce System DowntimeReduce System Downtime
Use the Support Tool to supply the school technician with the system information needed to help optimize NetSupport Assist configuration on any teacher or student machine.


Wired and Wireless NetworksWired and Wireless Networks
NetSupport Assist is designed to work flawlessly over both wired and wireless networks and, at all times, not impact on network capability.

Student RegistrationStudent Registration
Request standard and custom information for each student at the start of the class, create an attendance report and use the provided details to personalize your lesson.



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